Back at The Kingsway Markets 4th Saturday of the Month
Back at The Kingsway Markets 4th Saturday of the Month
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White Rose Collection & The SCOOP Foundation

* UPDATE * 28 JULY 2021 *

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to devastate lives around the world. The impact in India has plunged millions further into poverty and cost half a million lives. This pandemic has resulted in a lot of uncertainty, including finding the best way for SCOOP to support those in the greatest need.


In March SCOOP reported massive changes to the School of Life. As a result, many of the students and their communities face greater uncertainty. Funds distributed to Asha Deep Vidyashram meant those from the School of Life have been able to receive some funding relief. 


Today I share with you the news that SCOOP Australia will be closing its doors.


In light of the continuing challenges of the pandemic, the impact on local fundraising events and for personal reasons, we feel we no longer have the capacity to overcome these challenges while continuing the meet the requirements to maintain Australian charity registrations.


Over the years SCOOP has donated $61,494 to support education in India and Cambodia. This has been a huge effort for a small charity and couldn't have been done without the support of people like you.


The remaining funds currently held will be distributed to Asha Deep Vidyashram to serve the immediate needs of the poor in Varanasi, India.

The decision to close SCOOP was not easy, particularly as the need grows. Hunger in India is the worst it has been in over two decades (read The Guardian article here).

You can continue to support those in need by donating to charities supporting India's Covid crisis | Unicef | Care | ActionAid UK

Thank you for all your support over the years x

With gratitude, SCOOP Board

White Rose & SCOOP History

When you purchased a candle from our online store you were not only getting a little part of my heart, you were helping The SCOOP Foundation Australia and the hearts of small children born into extreme Poverty in India & Cambodia.

Who are/were The SCOOP Foundation?

"We are run entirely by committed volunteers who want to create lasting change. Our intent is to bring care, growth and equity to the communities we work with, through service, respect and transparency. We are the Australian division of The SCOOP Foundation, an Irish based non-profit founded in 2008. This unique structure means we have already secured partnerships with two grassroots organisations based in Cambodia and India. Our purpose is to raise money to support these organisations in building schools to provide free education for kids living in poverty

We provide deep, life-changing sustainable support, partnering with local NGO’s, developing organic programs that touch the lives of the most vulnerable children in meaningful and tangible ways.

Our partners on the ground give us regular updates to ensure our donors and supporters are involved in every step of our projects, the stories of the children we are helping and the daily challenges and triumphs of our work."