Cards - Artwork by The Children in India
Cards - Artwork by The Children in India
Cards - Artwork by The Children in India

Cards - Artwork by The Children in India

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Artwork by Shalu, Omprakash & Monu - Attending The School of Life in Varanasi

100% of the profits from the sale of these cards will go to The SCOOP Foundation to help pay for school lunches for the children in Varanasi

The Artwork
In 2016 The SCOOP Foundation held an art exhibition to raise funds to provide nutritious meals for the school in Varanasi. When the children were first told that they were going to be having an art exhibition to raise money for their school lunches they were excited and nervous. It was a long process to get the tools required to the school, but once they arrived the kids were well prepared. They had spent time researching art and practising until they were happy to put paintbrush to canvas.
These are prints of some of the artwork that they created. They were displayed & sold to some very lucky people. Just think of the amazing journey that piece of canvas had made, the excitement that the artist felt knowing their art was in an art exhibition and the lunches they helped to provide for their school. For kids just like themselves who otherwise would not have a nutritious meal if they weren't attend the School.

The Students
The Students at the School of Life in Varanasi come from the Samne Ghat Slum area. Before attending the school the students had no sense of security, safety and often love. Living on the Ghat is not only transient but dangerous, the tarpaulin and pipes that then call home can be knocked down at any time, by either the police or the weather. Addiction & violence are everywhere. The school provides a safe haven where the students know they are safe and loved. Six days a week the students attend school and have fresh fruit and chai in the morning and afternoon and a nutritious lunch every day.

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